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About JLAI

JLAI publishes research articles, reviews, and case reports, creating a platform for the exchange of insights among researchers, clinicians, and practitioners in the field of lipid disorders and cardiovascular disease prevention. Our ultimate objective is to elevate patient care and outcomes by disseminating evidence-based research and clinical practice guidelines.

Our vision is a world where lipid disorders are prevented and managed effectively to prevent cardiovascular disease and its consequences.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The primary mandate of the Journal of the Lipid Association of India (JLAI) is the propagation of cutting-edge knowledge in the domain of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention, with a specific focus on the intricacies of lipid disorder management. Our overarching objective is to furnish empirically substantiated insights into the field of lipidology pertaining to CVD prognosis, prevention, and intervention for the benefit of scholars and practitioners alike. The journal serves as an exclusive forum for researchers and professionals to disseminate their scholarly work and experiential wisdom. Specialized attention is given to issues surrounding the pivotal role of lipids in CVD prevention and management, particularly within the context of India and South Asia, the epicenter of the ongoing CVD epidemic.

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Our Focus

The Journal primarily caters to healthcare and allied professionals engaged in research, preventative strategies, and the management of lipid disorders. We eagerly welcome contributions in various formats, including original research articles, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and letters to the editor, which pertain to all facets of lipidology and the prediction, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).


Furthermore, we extend an invitation for submissions focusing on fundamental and translational research within the field of lipidology, as well as initiatives promoting public health awareness regarding CVD. Finally, the Journal routinely features clinical practice guidelines and consensus statements developed by the Lipid Association of India (LAI) and, if deemed pertinent, by other expert groups or societies.”

Join us in advancing cardiovascular disease prevention

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